Grace Bible Church - Pastor's Update

Pastor's Update

July 2020

Social Distancing Protocols Damaging Body Life

"For decades evangelicals have declared to our students that they should risk their lives & family's lives to go to a foreign country to plant churches. Now, many of the same are telling them that you shouldn't even risk going to your own church until you know it's 100% safe."- Pastor Tom Buck (7/26/20)

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Protecting The Church At All Costs

We must protect the church. The issue, as always, is the glory of Christ. John Calvin was once being forced by the secular government of Geneva to offer communion to a man of known ungodliness. He wrote, “I . . . took an oath that I had resolved rather to meet death than profane so shamefully the Holy Supper of the Lord. . . . My ministry is abandoned if I suffer the authority of the Consistory to be trampled upon, and extend the Supper of Christ to open scoffers. . . . I should rather die a hundred times than subject Christ to such foul mockery” (Calvin in his Letters, 77).

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Summer Youth Camp Report


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