"For decades evangelicals have declared to our students that they should risk their lives & family's lives to go to a foreign country to plant churches. Now, many of the same are telling them that you shouldn't even risk going to your own church until you know it's 100% safe."- Pastor Tom Buck (7/26/20)

I see two things happening here that are heart breaking. One, it appears that some in the church are allowing "safety" to become an idol. This is horrifying as there is no possible way to objectively draw the line. But secondly, and much more destructive, is that precious body life is suffering. As someone who tries to adore the church as much as Christ does, I have seen literally countless opportunities for body life wash under the bridge. People either not physically present, or physically present but uninvolved and unengaged due to self imposed adherence to some social distancing protocol or another. This is a violation of Philippians 2:1-10. Instead of laying our lives down for others, we are demanding they accomodate our fears. This is the reverse of the Gospel. God controls the virus and who gets it and who recovers from it (Matthew 6--"Do not be anxious about your life"). When I went to Africa, I was terrified. But thankfully nobody said, "Obey your fears". Instead all my mentors said, "Give all your fears to God. Now get over there."