Here's some sound advice. Never go to a church to try to influence it. Not only will this approach appear arrogant and really annoy your leaders, but this mindset is completely backwards and upside down. We go to a church because we need to be fed and receive instruction. Can you imagine a sheep joining a flock in order to "influence" its shepherd?

Sadly, this world is filled with endless noise...and almost none of it points us in a spiritual direction. We go to church to be refreshed with godly wisdom, reminded of our true calling, and to be washed in the cleansing power of the Word.

"The church of the living God, the pillar and support of the truth." The Apostle Paul  (1 Timothy 3:15)

A good church will point you to Christ and the sufficiency of God's word. A false church will point you to your personal preferences and whatever worldly standards seem appealing at the moment. If you are finding that your church is a "mission field," then you are probably not in a church, but an evangelistic outreach. 

A big part of the problem is that modern Christians have lost the high view of Church that our forefathers had. We have forgotten that Christ shed His blood for the Church (Acts 20:28). We have forgotten that the Church is the only institution on earth that will continue into eternity (Ephesians 3:21). And we have forgotten that the most basic test of faith is how we treat the Church (1 John 3:14). 

If we share God's perspective on the Church, the criteria we use for choosing a local church will also be affected. So don't go to a church because it looks like it could use your expertise...Go to grow!